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Run Down: Sustainable travel bags

Run Down: Sustainable travel bags

By Rachel Hartley

It’s finally summer! The season of holidays, and with fewer COVID19 restrictions than last year, no doubt this will be a summer us Brits will grab at the horns. However, such trips, especially by plane, can leave holiday goers with a smidge of guilt over their excursions.


While that is another issue altogether, let’s try to elevate some of that guilt and embrace the freedom of travel with this run down of innovative, sustainable travel bags. So, whether you’re having a short city break, a backpacking adventure or on the run for some time in the sun, consider these stylish and sustainable travel bags to take with you on your well-deserved holiday. Go one, grab a bag, and see where it takes you.


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Whether you’re camping in Scotland or scaling a mountain, these functional backpacks can meet your packing needs with minimal environmental impact.

  • The Adventure Bag by Stubble & Co. (£185)
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The sleek design of this black bag conceals the variety of zips, pockets and compartments that provides the wearer with a functional bag for stress free travel. Launched in 2020, this bag is made of recycled plastic bottles from a carbon zero warehouse in London.

The body is water resistant and includes a shoe compartment, a card or passport pocket in the adjustable shoulder straps, grab handles at the sides and a cushioned back panel for extra comfort.


This two-in-one backpack has a detachable shoe compartment, making it suitable for multi day treks or an afternoon climb. The detachable bottom compartment also has a waterproof lining, making it perfect for storing your muddied shoes. The canvas is manufactured from hemp and organic cotton which has a multitude of sustainable benefits. Hemp is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, keeping your clothes fresher. Also, growing hemp uses less land, water and no chemicals whilst absorbing CO2 and improving the quality of the soil from which it grows. You can purchase it in either green, khaki or grey.

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Weekend Bags

These bags are perfect for a weekend in the city or a short notice trip with the girls. Whatever the occasion, these bags are spacious classics, so no need to upgrade with every fleeting trend.

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This simple and stylish holdall is one of many quality items that are handmade in Hamburg. Due to the short distance between the atelier and the office, transport emissions in the bags manufacture are cut down. The Weekender is water repellent, made of 100% cotton canvas sourced from Turkey and vegetable tanned leather handles. The use of vegetable tanning is a treatment that is gentle on the fabric and the maker. The leather colour may change over time due to this gentle treatment, but Souleway see this as your bag changing with you and collecting the memories of your travels. You can get this spacious bag in nine sumptuous colours and there is even a Vegan twin that does away with the leather staps in favour of canvas.

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This sophisticated bag may look like premium leather, but would you believe it if I told you it’s made of the peels of over 500 apples? Well believe it. Allégorie is combating fast fashion and food waste with their sleek, timeless designs, such as this weekend bag. While this garment is made from the apple fibre waste from juice factories, this woman owned business offers items made from mangos and cacti. This bag is PETA certifies cruelty free and WFTO certified fair trade, making it a gorgeous holdall from the inside out. It’s a classic black bag that you can get with either yellow, red or grey accents.  

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A suitcase needs to be durable, to withstand the wear and tare of travel as well as secure enough to hold one’s personal items in good conscience. When you throw sustainability into the mix, you get these sleek, innovative designs.

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Designed by the award-winning Boris Berlin, this hardcase is a game changer for sustainable carry-on luggage. The shell is made of high-density hemp, which requires less water than cotton to grow, along with a flax linen lining and vegetable tanned leather handles. There is also a coded lock to secure internal items. The earthy design comes in beige or black.

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Made in Europe, the Circle One comes in four colours, all of which are made of 100% plant-based materials. The vegan suitcase has a hard shell made of flax fibre and resin along with seed and nutshell-based handles. Even the zippers and lining are made of recycled materials. The simple and sleek design perfect for carry on luggage and Horizn Studios stand by the repair rather than replace way of life. You can even drop off old luggage at their London store, knowing that that old suitcase will be reused and upcycled into something new. As part of their production, they send offcut fabrics to other brands to be used up. Also, in spirit of looking to future generations, they offer 30% off their products for customers under 30.

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