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D’Amazonian Health tea: the new plant-based way to boost your energy

D’Amazonian Health tea: the new plant-based way to boost your energy

By Claudia Schergna

Everyone with a passion for fitness knows that working out and being consistent isn’t exactly a piece of cake. You need the right motivation, the right headspace, the right company and the right energy level. 

damazonia tea founder

For Marcela Tupinamba and Poliana Gomes, the first three points were never an issue. As mom and daughter with a shared passion for wellbeing and sport, they’ve been going to the gym together for a long time, pushing themselves to always do better and achieve their goals. 


But regarding the last point, they felt something was missing. Having the right energy level before and during a workout is a tricky matter. “I used to drink coffee,” said Marcela, “and my mom used to drink RedBul before every session but we would always have a caffeine crash in the middle of the training. So we started looking for something more natural, with more sustainable caffeine levels.” 

 damazonia fitness tea benefits

The hunt for a natural product that was also effective was a very disappointing experience for both of them. So disappointing that they decided to create it themselves and try to fill that huge gap in the market.

why fitness tea is good for you

“We started making some formations at home. We immediately felt less bloated and more energetic,” said Marcela, “And then we started doing research for suppliers and we got in touch with a nutritionist to help us.”

In fact, despite their passion for fitness and wellbeing, neither of their have professional background is in the field. Poliana is a painter and her daughter Marcela works in marketing.

What inspired the formulation for the fitness tea was their roots: “Being from Brazil, we started looking at teas and herbs we were familiar with, like green tea and Yerba Mate,” explains Marcela, “so we decided to call the brand D’Amazonia, which means from the Amazon.”


best holistic fitness tea ingredients

Hibiscus, peppermint, ginger, cloves, guarana, acai berries, cinnamon, yerba mate, green tea lemongrass, dandelion and raspberries. These are the 12 magical ingredients that give life to the incredible energy boost. 

Not a massive sports person? Don’t worry: you don’t need to hit the gym every day to enjoy the benefits of d’Amazonia Fitness and Health Tea. Trying the tea for a few days myself I could experience how the caffeine contained in it is released slowly and consistently, avoiding energy peaks and crashes, which helps with concentration and improves energy levels in general. 

While the Fitness and Health Tea is D’Amazonian’s piece of resistance, other formulations will be soon released. I had the honour to try samples of Sleep and the Digestion Teas and I can’t honestly wait for them to be released to go buy some more. 

sustainable fitness tea made in UK

They are not only healthy, calorie-free, completely vegan and produced sustainably. D’Amazonian is also involved in the fight against deforestation of the rainforests.

fitness tea good for the planet and good for your health

When purchasing their products you can donate to the cause to help the Amazon forest survive and be restored in the years to come. 

Oh, and they are also deliciously tasty, which never hurts! Shop Here!


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