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Crystal Yoga : 2024 Ultimate Guide to Using Crystals in Yoga and Meditation

Crystal Yoga : 2024 Ultimate Guide to Using Crystals in Yoga and Meditation

By Imreeta Bajwa

Using crystals is a great way of elevating your yoga work out as they contain many amazing healing properties. Crystal yoga can allow you to connect more spiritually with both yourself and the environment around you, making yoga even more enjoyable and peaceful.

Why choose Crystal Yoga  ?

Roger Calverley’s  ‘The Crystal Mesa’ is a great book to read on all things crystal yoga. He describes the transformational power of using crystals to create an almost heaven on earth yoga experience. With it being a ‘yoga of manifestation’ this means it also has the ability to bring thoughts and actions to life.

using crystals in yoga and meditation

The book also points out the personality of crystal yoga as everyone is affected differently by it. It also encourages spirituality and ‘awareness of the soul’ as it combines your mind, body and emotions creating both physical and spiritual healing.

What crystals are best to use during yoga practise?

To practise this type of yoga you can place your crystals on or around your mat to include and create the energies you wish to have.



This crystal contains immense healing energy, helps sleep, supports blood circulation and balances your chakras. According to very early traditions of Hinduism the seven chakras are different energy points of one’s body.


Amethyst not only balances them but also opens up the third eye chakra, which is a source of power and wisdom.


amethyst mala bracelet

Using this crystal during the last meditation portion of yoga can promote getting rid of darkness, bring inner peace and stimulate intuition. It also blocks out negative energy throughout leaving you with a positive environment.



Reiki infused candles
For the ultimate positive meditation experience and to find your inner balance treat yourself to a Reiki Amethyst Infused candle




Clear Quartz
see through clear crystals for meditation

There of the three types of quartz: clear, rose and smokey – the clear quartz is used to ensure that all of the chakras are balanced. It also encourages a clear mind, inner strength and spiritual growth making it particularly beneficial for feelings of anxiousness.

It can assist spiritual development because the clear light goes through the conscious and unconscious mind which can raise your level of awareness. This crystal can therefore help to raise your concentration levels and release tension in the mind and body.

rose crystal reiki infused candle
Choose between Pink Rose or Clear Crystal candle handmade by Liliy of London and infused with positive energy to help raise the concentration in your practise. 







A crystal of happiness and abundance is what makes it ideal for days where you want to bring positive energy to your yoga practise.

citrine crystal for meditation

It also helps to transfer energies around the body meaning that you can give energy to those parts that may need it most. Citrine encourages an increase in drive and motivation pushing you to preform your best on days you feel at your worst.



By realigning your energies it cleanses toxic ones in your life and pushes you towards a clearer mind, ensuring you stay balanced and relaxed throughout. This is a great one to use on days that feel particularly challenging as its colour reflects the warm comfort of the sun. 

 yoga with crystals

Trying a new type of yoga may be slightly daunting however crystal yoga ensures both your inner and outer body are reaping the rewards. Crystals are a great gateway to a journey into spirituality or finding non-medicinal tools to help with unwanted aches or pains.