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Eating for a healthier planet - Easy Ways to eat more sustainably.

Eating for a healthier planet - Easy Ways to eat more sustainably.

By Lilliana Ogunfuwa


Every aspect of our lives affects our planet. From the clothes we wear, the way we commute and how we eat.

Processed foods diets include more meat, therefore adding pressure to our planet in various ways. Food production contributes to pesticides, packaging waste and large amounts of carbon emissions.

how to eat more sustainably

As the population grows and demands for food increase, our planet might not be able to adapt to these changes without some very noticeable side effects. You might not think what you ingest is a big deal, but western diets impact our environment more than you think. Such as global deforestation and polluted runoff ruining our coral reefs.

Even though this has been happening for decades, many people are starting to wonder and question how they can help.


How to eat more sustainably.

The livestock industry has a negative impact on the environment which affects land, air, and water.  Cattle requires more feed which means more usage of land and water than plants. If we just incorporated more plants into our everyday diet, we would minimise the amount of carbon dioxide a year.

sustainable eating

Even though it is proven to be more helpful to the environment by eating more legumes, you don’t have to change your entire diet.


Plant based alternatives

Try incorporating more pulses in your diet instead of eating meat or processed foods. Pulses such as beans, chickpeas, lentils, and peas are inexpensive, high in iron and fibre and environmentally friendly too. Diets that include high fibre reduce the risk of heart disease and type two diabetes.

 plant based alternatives for sustainable kitchen

Becoming flexitarian

Being a flexitarian in a simple term is being a flexible vegetarian. This describes individuals who mainly eat a plant-based diet but with the occasional addition of meat and dairy. This diet allows you to still eat what you want from all food groups and still think of the planets needs.


flexitarian diet

Eat Locally Produced

Eating locally has a ton of benefits. It is healthier, fresher and tastes great! Not only does this support local farmers and local economy but eating locally also reduces the transportation of food. This lessens air pollution, incurs less spoilage, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions.


eating locally sourced


Composting is great for the environment. Putting your old scraps of food back into the earth enriches soil and enables the production of bacteria and fungi. Also, composting minimises the amount of waste which heads to the landfill.

Many neighbourhoods have initiatives and composting programs so find some around you!

composting is a mindful way to eat

Being mindful of what we ingest and what we buy can make a huge environmental impact by choosing more plant-based meals instead of animal-based products. Though these swaps might seem small, if everyone did their part they add up and make the world a more sustainable place.