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What are the top 5 Essential oils?

What are the top 5 Essential oils?

By Elodie Trochez

2021 has been a crazy year, filled with anxiety, stress and uncertainty. We all wish we could control those emotions naturally, the safest and most natural way possible. The answer comes in two words: Essential Oils.

If you struggle to find a state of peace you can use calming essential oils throughout the day to help you relax. Some of these oils come with instructions so you can use the right oil for your current mood. You can use them as singles but also create blends.

Essential oils guide

Best calming essential oils


  1. Lavender oil
Lavender essential oil

If you’re emotionally anxious and under a lot of stress, lavender is the one for you. It will improve your memory, soothe body aches and reduce conflict. It’s also the oil number one for better sleep. Can be used as a topical remedy, beauty essential or diluted with a diffuser.

We suggest trying Orka Naturals Organic Lavender Soap or Reiki Infused Lavender Candle or Award Winning Organic Body Butter to use this 2022 Winter!

 lavender natural organic soap barreiki infused lavender natural candle award winning natural vegan skincare lavender body butter


  1. Camomile oil
Camomile essential oil

This popular sunny oil has anti-inflammatory properties for the body and mind. It helps with swollen joints, period pains, aches (head, stomach, tooth), digestion and allergies. Can be used as a topical remedy or diluted with a diffuser. A gentle Lip Balm by Orka naturals made with the organic Camomile oil or Pure Goddess Award Winning Body Cream by Elan Skincare.

award winning body buttercamomile lip balm


     3. Rose

Best oil for women. It will create balance, harmony and well-being while elevating the mind. With its magnetic energy, it attracts love, bringing joy to the heart. Can be used as a skincare product or calming remedy when blended with a carrier oil (coconut, almond, jojoba) or diluted with a diffuser. Some of the favourites are: Maroccan Natural 24k Gold Facial serum with Rose Oil, Fais Vegan Rose Oil Cleanser, Rose Oil Nail Cuticle Balm by Elan Skincare and Calming Rose Neroli Sleep Candle by Ayuri

24k Gold serum for face with rose oil ayurvedic candle with rose oil rose oil facial cleanser rose oil nails cream
     4. Bergamot
Bergamot oil

Pleasant scent that helps balance hormones, calms emotions and supports the natural release of anxious feelings, stress and tension. Can be used as a topical remedy when blended with a carrier oil or diluted with a diffuser. Why not try Bergamot Uplift Candle by Nala Organic Candle makers, 


Bergamot Candle


    5. Ylang ylang

Ylang Ylang essential oil

This oil covers all the bases of a calming essential oil- Calming, relaxing, stress relieving and supporting healthy sleep. It also supports relaxation, balancing male and female energies and restoring confidence. Can be used as a topical remedy when blended with a carrier oil or diluted with a diffuser.

Kati Kaia Ylang Ylang Relaxing Meditation and Sleep candle, Nereus Organic and Plastic Free Body Wash with Ylang Ylang Oil Extract and Amassuna Diffuser with Ylang Ylang Oil.

ylang candle for meditation and sleepylang ylang body washylang ylang diffuser

Although most of these oils have calming properties, you might not be in love with their scent. In that case, this can be fixed by just adding a drop or two of citrus oil, mint oil or lavender.

Benefits of calming essential oils

Once you’ve tackled single oils, you can start mixing your favourite oils and creating your own blends. The more you practice, the more you will feel like an essential oils master, resulting in the ultimate relaxing experience.

Essential oil blends usually come with feelings or emotions as names, as they contain more than one ingredient. Some of them include: Peace & calming, Joy, Forgiveness, Stress Away.


relaxation - benefit of essential oils

These blends are great for when you want to tackle a specific emotion such as stress, anger, grief or sadness. You know that it will help you right away, whether you use it directly on your skin as a massage or via smell with a diffuser or humidifier. 

How to use essential oils

As previously mentioned, essential oils can be used topically on your skin if you want a more direct effect; this can be good for digestion, menstrual issues, head and joint aches as well as pregnancy. However, some oils can be more irritating than others, especially for sensitive skins, so make sure you do a patch test prior to using and research your oils’ compatibility before applying!

Another way to make the most of these oils is using a diffuser or humidifier. A diffuser is most recommended as it will evaporate the oils in the air through fine water particles which refreshes your home and gives you benefits through breathing-in the scents.

Best Diffuser for essential oil therapy


The best kind of diffuser you can get is one that comes with a water tank, as the ones that come with cotton pads do not last long and the benefits of the oils won’t be emitted properly.

One of my favourite brands is Amassuna, which sells diffusers for every room and comes in different scents and materials.

If you’re new to essential oils, this brief guide will hopefully entice you to try essential oils and products made with Pure Organic Essential Oils to start your aromatherapy journey.

The future of medicine might be hidden in these natural healing oils!