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How to be Sustainable on your Period

How to be Sustainable on your Period

By Natasha Dunn

For a lot of us being on your period is just no fun. Menstrual cramps, mood swings, heavy bleeding and blood clots just don’t scream ‘good times’. And to add to the potential misery of ‘Aunt Flo’s’ monthly visit, we suffer the problem of environmentally unkind sanitary products. However this is an issue that I may be able to assist with! Stick around to discover how you can be eco-friendly on your period and utilise the ever-growing list of sustainable sanitary products.

how to be sustainable on your period

The Issue with Single Use Sanitary Products


According to an article in the Independent, ‘Every Year in the UK, the disposal of single-use menstrual products-pads, tampons and applicators- generates more than 200,000 tonnes of waste’.


Now it doesn’t take a genius to realise that this is an astronomical amount of rubbish! And with 90% of a sanitary towel being composed of plastic, you can also derive that they’re not de-composing anytime soon.


I do not mean to be judgemental, for a lot of us there is no choice but to menstruate, it’s a fact of life and for some options are rather limited when it comes to sanitary products. It’s on the industry to make the changes! And luckily, I do have a few brands who are taking the leap and revolutionising the world of menstrual wear.


Period Pants and Re-usable Towels


Thinx has to be first! Their technologically innovative range of period underwear are re-washable, comfortable and ensure protection on your period. There’s a huge range, in all different shapes and sizes, and for all different types of period flow, ranging from super absorbent to the lightest of light! They even provide a set to keep you covered all period long, which is quite literally named the All Cycle Long Set.

 biodegratable period pads for zero waste woman

But if you don’t want to stray too far from what you know, then why not check out Dame’s re-usable sanitary pad set. There’ll be no more uncomfortable plastic that’s artificially scented, just comfortable and re-usable towels for night and day! But that’s not it for Dame, ensure to browse the rest of the products on their website.

Dame reusable period pants

Menstrual Cups and Tampons


It’s likely that you have come across the menstrual cup before, but have you heard of TOTM? Not only are they committed to saving the planet one period at a time, but they also want to eradicate the stigma and taboo nonsense that is swathed around menstruation. So why not give their Menstrual Cups a go! Soft, reusable and they come in different sizes so you can discover the perfect fit for you!

 TOTM reusable period pads

But hold up a minute, the menstrual cup isn’t the only sustainable internal applicator available. There are tampons as well, that’s right, reusable tampon applicators. And it’s Dame to the rescue yet again with their Reusable Applicator Set. You may have noted that it is only the applicator which is capable of additional use and the tampons are in fact organic and biodegradable, which leads me to the next section.


Biodegradable Products


It’s not only tampons that come with organic options, but you can also get sanitary towels too!


Riley Pads are suitable for composting, free from toxins and to top it off, are leak proof as well. There isn’t much more you could ask for from a menstrual product, but nevertheless this period positive company does provide more. With every box of Pads purchased a donation is made to help fight period poverty!


Periods can be uncomfortable for a myriad of reasons. However you can lose some of that guilty discomfort relating to your impact on the planet, and save money in the long run, with re-washable and re-usable products. But don’t beat yourself up too much, it’s ultimately down to the leaders of industry to make the changes for a greener future. And if you get caught short when you’re on the go and must dash into a nearby shop to pick up a pack of whatever sanitary products they offer, well then, that’s just the way it is.