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Italy’s Best Eco-Resorts - On a Budget

Italy’s Best Eco-Resorts - On a Budget

By Valentina De Santis


“Tourism’s relationship with the environment is complex,” says Dr. Hayley Stainton, travel writer and expert in tourism management. Tourism is, indeed, responsible for quite a high percentage of the planet’s pollution due to its infrastructures, like airports, roads, hotels, and pools, that produce massive waste and gas emissions. As much as tourism can be bad for the environment, it is also needed to make the economy run and gift people a break from daily life.

The modern solution to tourism’s impact on the planet is called eco-tourism and does not, as you might think, strictly refer to rustic holidays in the middle of nowhere. Eventually, sustainable tourism suggests an eco-friendly vacation that can be much more deluxe than what you could even expect.


With its numerous eco-friendly resorts, Italy is the leader in luxury eco-holidays. The country’s stunning landscapes are perfect for hosting eco-friendly comfort-filled vacations. Italy’s magnificent resorts rise on top of the high summits of the Dolomites, others overlook beautiful lakes or the crystallin Mediterranean, and a few generate a green paradise in the middle of urbanity where you can nourish your body and soul.


Luxury green-resorts guarantee an exceptional holiday while embracing environmentally conscious behaviours like increasing, where possible, the usage of renewable energy and reducing waste. Following, a selection of the best eco-resorts in Italy that, apart from elevating your vacation through a series of wellness activities, vegan food and beauty treatments, have the great plus of being affordable.



Les Dolomites Mountain Lodges is a beautiful facility in one of the highest points of the Val Badia in Trentino Alto Adige. It offers luxurious and wholly furnished flats to rest in nature as well as a spa and fitness studio to take care of your physical and mental wellbeing. For prices and offers, visit

Les dolomites lodges

Theiner’s Garten Bio Vitalhotel presents itself as the encounter of sustainability and luxury. The family-run hotel strives to ensure visitors the best stay, offering gourmet cuisine, outdoor activities and soundproof, electromagnetic-free rooms as part of their ecological mission. For more info regarding prices and seasonal offers, visit

Theiner’s Garten Bio Vitalhotel

La Vimea is the first vegan hotel in Italy. Since 2016, La Vimea proposes the ideal escape into the wilderness for adults. Based on a bio-vegan philosophy, the hotel offers plant-based nourishment and meditative experiences that can help to heal stress and anxiety. To know more and discover prices, visit

lagacio hotel dolomites eco friendly

Lagacio Mountain Residence is another eco-resort that rises in the heart of the Dolomites. The apart - hotel aims at promoting a more conscious lifestyle by introducing people to the organic and herbal holistic Living. All room are equipped with Kitchen and the holistic Spa is a must visit for the ultimate retreat.

lagacio dolomites hotel best

DA E L D A natural retreat is a unique natural ambient to take a break from your daily life. Da Elda’s spirit stems from the simple but precious desire to create a welcoming and eco-friendly environment for everybody. To find out about availability and offers, visit

eco friendly italian hotel

Vigilius Resort is reachable only by taking the cable car. Its total detachment from urban noises has made Vigilius the peaceful island up in the mountains. The hotel builds on ecological principles. Wood walls and big glass windows compose the facility that gives you the sensational feeling to merge with the outdoor surroundings. Have a look at current deals here.



Lefay Resorts is a very popular eco-resort in the riviera dei limoni or the inland of Lake Garda. The resort is well known for offering an exclusive experience during which new luxury meets bio-architecture, wellness and respect for nature. Book now on

lefay spa dolomiti best eco friendly resort

NABI Resort and Glamping origins in the natural paradise of the Nabi-lake in the southern region Campania. Remote and serene, Nabi’s facilities provide you with safety, comfort and also some adventures in nature. Promotions available on


Agricola Samadhi is the ideal wellness escape for you and your family. The bio-agriturismo is located in the charming region of Puglia and offers the Samadhi Experience that involves, among others, Ayurveda treatments and yoga sessions to nourish your body, your mind and your soul and, finally, restore your equilibrium. To know more and ensure your stay, book on

Aquadulci is the Sardinian resort where the safeguard of the environment is a state of mind. The thriving hotel has reduced its impact on nature through many smart moves, from banning single-use objects and favouring recycled options to storing rainwater to water the garden. To know more about what they now offer, visit

aquadulci eco friendly italian resort


Hotel Milano Scala is the zero-emission resort in the heart of Milan borough of Brera. From the look of the historical building and its interiors’ sophisticated boutique-style, you wouldn’t tell that HMS utilises new technology to both reduce carbon emissions and avoid any energy waste. For more Infos and to book, go on

Echo Milano is part of the Starhotels company. Located 100 metres from the Stazione Centrale in Milan, the ecological-contemporary resort provides every kind of comfort while implementing ecological practices. Together with a menu composed of local and seasonal ingredients, the hotel favours ecologically certified materials for its furniture wear. To book your next stay, visit

Il Corazziere is a rural resort in the industrial province of Merona, Lombardy, that engages in the regeneration of those areas to contribute to a greener future. The facility interconnects with its surroundings and encourages guests to do the same. To discover how to book, click on this link.

il corrazziere hotel co friendly resort italy

Lama di Luna is the bio-masseria in the rural countryside of Andria. The building comes in the middle of 210 hectares of land, where the most diverse and typical Mediterranean flora grows. When the owners renovated Lama di Luna, they thought about every little detail that fits perfectly and harmoniously in the natural space of the resort. You would get surprised by its surreal atmosphere. For booking and more, go on

lama di luna eco friendly resort