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How can yoga help you lose weight

How can yoga help you lose weight

By Antonia Castano


Losing weight can be challenging for some people. It can be an open door for eating disorders and unhealthy relationships with the body.

This is why yoga is the choice of many people, because although it is a slower process and does not lead to immediate results, this discipline connects the body with the mind and the breath. And most people don't realize how important this is in order to have a healthy relationship with yourself.


yoga for fat people 

But... What is Yoga?

Yoga is a Hindu discipline practiced for more than 5,000 years. It is a whole philosophy of life. It is a combination of asanas, breathing and meditation that balances the body with the mind.

Yoga makes you aware of what you eat. As it is not a cardio exercise, it is more difficult to achieve the goals that each person sets for themselves, but if yoga is practiced correctly and with discipline, changes will not only be seen in the body, but also in the daily routine and the mind. If combined with a balanced diet and conscious eating, you can lose weight organically and find your ideal weight.

 yoga for weight loss


10 steps to start practicing Yoga.

  1. Be observant.
    When you start practicing yoga, whether it's watching videos or going to classes in person, it's important to listen and see the instructor carefully to do the postures correctly. There are several Free Yoga apps for beginners you can try before signing up to a studio.

  2. Watch your breath.
    Breathing is one of the most important steps in yoga. Regulates the mental and emotional state and helps with the concentration.

  3. Wear suitable clothing.                                                                  As yoga is a discipline that requires our body to move in many positions, it is important to have a comfortable and flexible outfit. Discover some Eco Friendly Yoga Clothing here

eco friendly yoga clothing

4. Choose your ideal Yoga mat.
Try to find a suitable mat for yoga. This element will be your accomplice when it comes to practicing yoga correctly. If you are tall or need more space try out extra long and wide Cork Yoga mats with the ultimate grip and anti slip properties
natural cork yoga mat
5. Get everything ready before class starts.
To avoid distractions or delays when doing your yoga class, have all the items you need on hand. A reusable water bottle, a soft towel, a natural cork yoga block and stretching strap and a yoga eye pillow for the ultimate relaxation at the end of the class.
natural cork yoga block
6. Practice without shoes.
It is important that your body feels the connection with the earth, which is why being barefoot helps you to have direct contact. In addition, this will help you not slip on the mat and be more comfortable. You can use anti microbial Yoga spray after the class to ensure the mat stays clean and bacteria free. 
yoga mat spray for antimicrobial properties
7. Don't be afraid to be curious.
If you don't understand a pose, how to do it, or what its benefit will be, feel free to ask your instructor. It is preferable that you understand something well before doing it.
8. Listen to your body.
With yoga you will discover muscles that you didn't know existed and that you have never exercised. Therefore allow your body to adapt to new exercises and movements without forcing. Don't fight it and exhaust yourself.

how to practise yoga for weight loss

9.Focus on what you're doing.
When it's time to start your yoga class, leave all your thoughts and worries outside the room. Free yourself and connect with your body. Don't let distractions interfere with your practice.
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10. Enjoy the process.
Don't expect to be a pro in your first class. Try to level up step by step, don't rush the process.


It is important to know that the process of practicing yoga is slow. But if it is done with discipline, the purposes that each person proposes can be achieved. It will not only help with losing weight but also with having a healthy relationship with your mind and body.