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Are Deodorants Still Necessary?

Are Deodorants Still Necessary?

By Nicole Blythe

With new methods of keeping clean and smelling fresh, is it worth purchasing deodorants or are there better sustainable alternatives?

As we slowly embrace armpit hair and new ways of looking after our skin, there are new emerging methods that are replacing deodorants for many sustainable livers. But are they better than deodorants?

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is not an anti-perspirant – it cannot prevent a person from sweating in hot conditions as it does not act as a block on the sweat releasing pores. However, it’s linked to the reduction of odour due to its pH altering abilities. In changing the pH of the skin, the odour causing bacteria struggle to reside and reproduce on your armpits. Glycolic acid’s role in skincare is also for exfoliation and so, in removing the skin cells on your armpits, the acid helps to keep away bacteria and build up.

As a result, ingrown hairs and hyperpigmentation are also less likely. Though, this method does not mean that you end up smelling nice, it simply reduces foul odours rather than helping to replace them with nice ones.

Conditioning Armpit Hair

There are many benefits to keeping your armpit hair. The odour released from your armpit contains pheromones, and as liquids attach themselves to hair, this makes the pheromones even stronger. Studies have shown that there are stress-reliving benefits to smelling these pheromones from loves ones and while armpit hair has been frowned on for a long time, it may be healthier to let them grow.

However, in terms of hygiene, there is no evidence to suggest that there is more bacteria on your armpits due to the presence of armpit hair. Armpit hair helps to reduce friction and if cleaned regularly, has no link to worse hygiene. In order to help reduce and control the levels of odour, conditioning your armpit hair could help. As conditioners lock in moisture, it could help reduce the amount of sweat that will attach itself to the hairs and, therefore, the odour that comes along with it.

While the new methods of armpit care are seemingly better for the health of your armpit skin, they don’t replace the use of deodorants. Neither of these methods are anti-perspirant and so would not prevent sweat from forming and ruining your clothes. They also do not create a pleasant smell. It may be best to balance some of these methods with the use of deodorants, in order to give your armpits a break, but also allow you to smell and look your best.

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