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10 Ukrainian Brands to Watch

10 Ukrainian Brands to Watch

By Hazel Sutton

With the unimaginable happening in Ukraine, it feels only right to find a new way to support the country and their brave people.

We’ve seen a surge in brands sending relief aid to Ukraine; everything from money to Tala, the sustainable fitness startup by Grace Beverly, turning trucks around to deliver a host of stock to the borders for those fleeing.

The way Europe and the rest of the world rallied to provide aid and display solidarity during this humanitarian conflict is commendable, but how can we as consumers show our support, aside from the obvious donations.

We’ve researched 10 Ukrainian brands to support and discover this year;


sleeper made in Ukraine fashion brand

Unless you have been having a social media hiatus for the past 8 years and not seen the gorgeous feather trimmed lounge sets sweeping the blogger sphere then keep reading.

This Ukrainian brand has given themselves a cult status amongst celebrities and influencers alike and it's easy to see why. The luxe lounge sets are the perfect mix and match garment, paired with heels they are perfect for a night out or separately with a jumper and loafers, they’re office friendly. Check out their shirred linen midi dresses too, they're perfect for every day and the only difficult choice you have to make is which colour.



bevza Ukranian fashion brand


Did they pioneer the It-Girl accessory that graced fashion weeks all over this year? And yes, we are talking about the balaclava.

Okay, maybe not pioneered but they influenced this trend massively with their recycled knitted accessories on the heads of everyone worth their fashion salt.

Their origami influenced bags are also a popular It item that transcends seasons and trends.





Vita Kin:

vita kin a brand from Ukraine

What sets Vita Kin apart from their competitors is their use of classic Vyshyvanka designs, a traditional Ukrainian embroidery technique.

Paired with relaxed, bohemian dresses and subtle and delicate shapes the brand has a timeless quality.

Each garment is made with care and precision in their Kiev based studio, due to the amount of time needed to create such intricate work production is limited and the brand only partners with a small number of stores.



Ksenia Schnaider:

ksenia schneider best Ukranian brand

Kyiv-based husband and wife team, Ksenia and Anton Schnaider, combined their talents as fashion and graphic designers to create this cool ready-to-wear label.

The brand puts sustainability first, with many of its pieces being reworked or up-cycled items.

Mixing upcycling, with unique fabrics and on point tailoring the brand is synonymous with Gen Z and the Y2K style, check out their denim blazers.


norba best activewear from Ukraine

Norba is a Ukrainian brand that creates essential wear- blurring the line between gym luxe and comfortable outdoor items.

The brand was launched by 2 sisters in 2018, Olha and Helen Norba and they aim to ‘create clothing that fits flawlessly any body type, enhancing beauty and making the women feel comfortable in their own skin’. We recommend the flared leggings paired with the curve bralette for the ultimate base outfit.

91 Lab:

91 lab ukranian knitwear

This Ukraine-based knitwear company specialises in handcrafted knits that uses refined techniques and innovative technologies.

The knits have unique textures such as intricate jacquards prevalent throughout the collection- the designs are unique yet versatile enough to wear season after season.

The shapes embody feminine silhouettes and sensuality that redefine modern classics and create a new brand of luxury.

Nadya Dzyak:

Nadya Dzyak Ukranian Fashion Brand

The philosophy of Nadya Dzyak is effortlessly chic and it's easy to see why.

With 80’s style puffed sleeves, pleated elements and a creative use of contrasting and complementary colours the collections are just the right amount of extra and wearable.

The brand has widespread popularity that's led it to be featured at some of the most influential showrooms worldwide like Studio Zeta in Milan.


minimalist nyc brand

Tamara Davydova, who was born and raised in Kyiv, founded Minimalist last year on the premise of offering timeless, wearable garments ethically made in New York using a closed-loop circular process- everything is biodegradable and recyclable.

Items to invest in include the elegantly draped blazers and jumpsuits that you’ll have for many years to come.




v.moska brand from Ukraine

The brand is best known for its stylish basics.

Each item has a unique design, but the key unifying feature of the brand is the small, handmade dragonfly that decorates each piece of the collection.

It’s details like this that make the garments special and stand out from others, though the designs of their knitwear and pants are worth a purchase all by themselves.



vikele Ukranian bags brand

Vikele Studio bags are designed by founder Victoriya in Ukraine.

Each bag is made of the highest quality Italian leather, and is designed to be timeless and last a lifetime.

The classic shapes blended with modern silhouettes make each piece unique- an investment piece you will treasure for years.