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A Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Travel in Britain

A Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Travel in Britain

By Michael Bernardi

According to the WWF, the accumulation of waste rises by 40% during the summer months, whether that be mass migration to Britain’s beaches on a hot summer’s day, or through travel to the many scenic destinations within our country. This, as an unduly cost to natural sites within Britain, means that we must refer to more sustainable, eco-friendly methods of travel and leisure; it turns out that there are a plethora of reasonably priced methods you can use so you can still have fun and take that well-deserved break.

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When deciding to travel within Britain, there are so many holiday destinations that exist to be as sustainable as possible. Briefly, this means that these venues take considerable action to reduce their carbon footprint, source their own locally grown food, recycle as much as possible, and even actively restore local natural grounds. The restoration of natural grounds is called “rewilding” and is a method that can be found at Fritton Lake; Suffolk. Arable land is repopulated with its natural inhabitants and left alone; simultaneously Fritton Lake boasts beautiful eco-friendly cabins, cottages and clubhouses for guests to stay in, making it an affordable and beautiful destination to stay in. As a nature reserve, you are placed right into the heart of it all, whether that be deep into woodland, surrounded by vast ever-changing trees that tower gracefully above you, or beside the lake itself, reflective and still like a mirror. If you would like to see what Lake Fritton has to offer you, take a look here for more:

 fritton lake eco friendly uk resort

Nevertheless there exist so many nature reserves similar to Fritton Lake in beauty and environmental consideration, that it would be impossible to cover them all. Upon researching, I found this article within The Guardian that highlights a further nine more nature reserves as destinations for your consideration which can be found here.

However, for those who would like to do more research and search for specific areas around Britain they would like to travel to, the National Trust website may be a good place to start. As a 125 year old organisation pioneered originally by social reformer Octavia Hill, Hardwicke Rawnsley and Sir Robert Hunter, you can search any area you like within Britain and within it contains the location and list of all National Trust approved B&B’’s, Hotels and Cabins – all of which are price listed.

Below is an example of all the places that you can choose from if you decided to stay in Cornwall. Each of the highlighted establishments employs a variety of strategies to be as sustainable as possible, meaning that not only are you directly impacting the environment in a positive way when you travel, you are also funding a local independent business that cares about their local and communal surroundings.

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In addition, many people may have the misconception that there are not many eco-friendly sites that exist and consequently, also believe that it is for the wealthier minority that these establishments exist for. I believe that although this may have been the case in the past when sustainable projects were not commercialised and thus more expensive to run and maintain, currently, as you can see from the above, in Cornwall alone there are enough sustainable retreats that compete with one another to drive prices down, in order to stay as a viable option for travellers and additionally, the practice of sustainable projects has become much more efficient and commercialised, driving prices down further and allowing places like Fritton Lake to upscale their sustainable practices.


Price has been the largest benefitting factor for people, especially families, to opt in to commercialised corporate travel and stay within Britain. Having more access to materials and more money to invest allows large businesses to drive prices down yet for the reasons mentioned above, smaller scale sustainable retreats are now able to compete. Thus, you, your partner and your family can now travel, explore and experience Britain without damaging it, but positively impacting and funding the many schemes that exist to preserve the beauty that you experience, for the future generations to come.