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Best twenty sustainable luxury fashion start-ups Made in Italy

Best twenty sustainable luxury fashion start-ups Made in Italy

By Valentina de Santis


Italian fashion is worldwide acknowledged for its distinctive heritage, excellent know-how and glamourous aesthetics, but not for being particularly sustainable. As the biggest and most thriving fashion houses in Italy struggle to find ways to diminish their negative impact on the planet and preserve human lives, there is a network of new brands that produce high-quality apparel while embracing slow fashion.

This article proposes a selection of the best twenty sustainable luxury start-ups Made in Italy that you should absolutely know.



Marigré - Born in 2020, marigré is a knitwear and home décor brand founded by two women, mum and daughter. They produce locally, using 100% Made in Italy fabrics that are certified, recycled and organic. Price range: 95€ - 210€

Artknit - Artknit presents itself with the slogan ‘The new luxury’ that embeds a direct-to-consumer business of handcrafted and timeless pieces done in the textile district of the Italian pre-Alpine valley. Price range: 89€ - 329€

Arknit sustainable fashion start up from Italy


Wuuls - In 2019, brother and sister founded the start-up company that engages in the production of wool jumpers with a genderless and timeless essence. Beyond that, the brand contributes with donations and active campaigns in the battle to mitigate the environmental impact. Price range: not specified



Vescovo - Vescovo isn’t just a fashion label but a place of encounter and discovery. Its first two genderless collections are made by local laboratories using deadstock, organic fibres and technical materials with long-lasting durability. Price range: 60€ - 420€


Vescovo italian sustainable fashion brand

Trame di Stile - Demonstrating exceptional attention to Italian sartorial techniques, the company proposes garments with natural features and healthy wearability. Price range: 220€ - 440€

Rifò – Through upcycling methods, the firm regenerates old clothes to make new ones. Besides creating high-quality garments, Rifò shares awareness regarding conscious fashion and sustainability. Price range: 35€ - 295€

Zerobarracento - The brand guarantees a zero-waste policy and offers a clean, essential and linear style for everybody, no matter the age or gender. Price range: 210€ - 500€

Studio Sartoriale - An independent firm that regenerates leftover fabrics from Italian warehouses. Each one of their pieces is designed and meant to empower women. Price range: 40€ - 190€

Progetto Quid - Through original prints and modern shapes, the label provides with excellent quality apparel. Every garment starts from the recovery of fibres and is produced by manufacturers with a troubled background who put in the making of each piece a lot of care. Price range: 42€ - 164€

Flavialarocca In 2019, Flavialarocca won the Franca Sozzani GCFA Award for Best Emerging Designer and, the following year, arrived at the finale of Yoox Vogue Challenge. Through a modular approach, its collections embrace seasonality as well as timelessness and reduce the waste of water, energy and raw materials. Price range: not specified

Amorilla - Created in New York by an Italian designer, Amorilla resumes the traditional textile culture of different countries. The firm’s latest collection is entitled The Love Story Italy and is entirely produced in Italian facilities. Price range: 140€ - 238€

Eticlò - The company’s main mission is to provide people with an ethical closet. Besides combining tradition and modernity, Eticlò offers environmentally conscious decisions plus versatile and contemporary aesthetics. Price range: 39€ - 350€

Federico Cina - The brand is supported by the expertise of local artisans to produce tailored garments which identity reflects the designer’s roots and his childhood memories. Price range: 175€ - 560€


Aequae – Aequae believes in the power of time to achieve exceptional results and offers one-to-fit garments that can enhance your personality and uniqueness. The brand reuses high-end waste fabrics intended to get old with you. Price range: 285€

Nina Leuca – The label’s collections are 100% Made in Salento that is the region at the heel of Italy. Nina Leuca makes handwoven luxury resort-wear using the most antique machinery and technique. Price range: 180€ - 655€



MelipThe company embraces “Authenticity, craftmanship and essential design.” Melip’s bags are made with real Italian leather and have very feminine shapes. They are a perfect match for contemporary women. Price range: 470€ - 955€



IIndaco - IIndaco represents “The contemporary idea of luxury footwear Made in Italy” and offers spectacular evening shoes. Also, the enterprise uses raw materials to contribute to a circular economy model. Price range: 360€ - 615€

IIndaco sustainable fashion brand from italy