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Best Vegan Restaurants in London 2024

Best Vegan Restaurants in London 2024

By Floriane Legon

Within the last few years, London has become an increasingly vegan-friendly food destination. The demand for vegan options has significantly numbered in the last few years, leading to restaurants providing more and more vegan-friendly options, as well as more 100% plant-based restaurants opening up in the capital. Popular food delivery platform Deliveroo, reported a 117% increase  in demand for vegan food! We have rounded up some of our favourite vegan restaurants in London of 2024 so far :

  1. Mildred’s

best vegan restaurants London

Mildred’s is one of London’s eldest fully vegetarian restaurants in London. They opened their first restaurant in Soho in 1988. Since then, they gained a lot of popularity among vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. They have now turned completely vegan and plant-based, and have opened other branches across London. They focus on serving vegan versions of world cuisines and dishes; think Indian curries, Asian noodles and vegan fusion burgers. A great destination to bring your non-vegan friends or family!

Prices are reasonable, averaging at 15£ for a main dish.

  1. Holy Carrot 
holy carrot best vegan restaurant londonHoly Carrot is a relatively new vegan establishment, based in Knightsbridge. It serves international- style dishes, in both small and larges plates. Holy Carrot offers a selection of vegan ‘seafood’ as well as raw dishes and bigger main courses on their menu. They also offer a vegan afternoon tea; you’ll be sure to find something that tickles your fancy! Their aim is to serve vegan food that not only tastes good but is good for you. The inside atmosphere is spacious, warm and inviting. This is a great spot if you enjoy trying multiple things and sharing plates with others. 

Prices range from around 10-15£ per small and large dish. 

  1. The Vurger Co. 
best vegan restaurants londonIf you fancy more of a fast-food style dining experience but made with fresh high-quality vegan ingredients. We recommend you to check out The Vurger Co. They serve a selection of creative vegan fast-food items, such as burgers, shakes and sides. Due to their success, they have now opened branches across London and are starting to open new locations nationally and in the states. This is a great option for those who miss fast food, want an on-the-go option or are just looking to impress their non-vegan friends. 

Prices range at around 9£ for a burger.


  1. Purezza
best vegan restaurants london

If you want to enjoy pizza again as a vegan, we recommend visiting Purezza. It is a 100% vegan pizzeria run by two Italian men. They set out on a mission to cater to vegans and craft a fully vegan Italian pizza menu, where no cheese was not a problem! They have meat and dairy alternatives to suit everyone. The atmosphere is casual and inviting. They have now opened locations across the UK and have plans to open more in the future. On the menu, you’ll find veganized classic pizzas like Margheritas as well as vegan calzones and dessert pizzas. Great spot for a birthday party and celebrations. 

Prices start at around 10£ per pizza. 

  1. Tofu Vegan
best vegan restaurants london

If you’re after some good authentic vegan Chinese cuisine, you should head on over to Tofu Vegan. This Chinese restaurant is situated in both Islington and Golder’s Green. It is a recent addition to the vegan restaurant scene in London! The restaurant prides itself on serving veganized versions of traditional Chinese-Cantonese dishes; but without all the meat, dairy and eggs. The feel is like a regular Asian restaurant with a generous selection of dishes to choose from on the menu. Dishes include dim sum, hot noodle dishes, sweet and sour ‘chicken’ and Peking ‘duck’, to name a few. You’re sure to find something whether you’re vegetarian or vegan!

Prices range at around 10£ per dish. 

  1. The Spread Eagle 
best vegan restaurants london

Do you miss traditional British pub food? Well, you’re in luck- the Spread Eagle is a 100% vegan pub located in Homerton. They are focused on promoting sustainability in everything they do, this includes low waste. The pub’s aim is to replicate the atmosphere and feel of a regular British pub and its culture, but by serving plant-based food made with quality ingredients sourced from local producers and foragers. Think dishes like pie and mash, vegan Sunday roast and sticky toffee pudding. You’ll definitely want to head over there for your vegan pub fix. 

Prices range at around 14£ per main. 

  1. Farmacy
best vegan restaurants london

If you’re looking for a healthier option, you might want to consider Farmacy. Farmacy is located in Notting Hill and has been open since 2016. The restaurant is focused on serving healthy plant-based food without added chemicals, additives and refined sugars. They also aim to source everything from local sustainable suppliers and farms. They offer a range of international fresh dishes including vegan curry, pad thai, fresh salads and ’earth bowls’. They also offer a vegan afternoon tea! The atmosphere is lively and spacious. A great place to gather friends or family and enjoy some delicious high-quality plant-based food. 

Prices range from 11-18£ per main dish


So there you have it! A few of our picks of London’s  best vegan restaurants of 2024. London is so fortunate to see the growth of vegan and plant-based establishments popping up all over the city. It really shows how much the demand for vegan food, and the vegan movement as a whole, have been able to affect the London restaurant scene. Additionally, some popular vegan establishments are beginning to branch out nationally in other big UK cities. There has never been a better time and place to be vegan!