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What is Conscious Beauty?

What is Conscious Beauty?

By Natasha Dunn

Sustainable, environmentally friendly, eco-conscious. Three important words in the modern world and three things that we all strive for. But how does this apply to beauty? It’s all neatly tied together with two words: Conscious Beauty.

 The Definition of Conscious Beauty

Conscious beauty refers to the way in which we shop for beauty products, it’s about making the right decisions, whether it be make-up, hair products or moisturiser. And according to All Beauty, conscious beauty generally relates to shopping for organic products, that are good for the environment, with the additional upside of being vegan and cruelty free!


conscious beauty and vegan skincare

Now I know what you’re thinking, the beauty industry surely has some liability in the creation of ‘greener’ products, and quite obviously, a large proportion of the power. And yes, you would be correct in that assertion. But as individuals we can aim to do the best that we can (where we can) to shop more ‘consciously’ and hopefully put pressure on the large-scale industry to change their ways.


Conscious beauty, however, is a large ballpark and understandably overwhelming, so I’m here to set you on your way and expose a few brands who will help you to begin your eco-friendly adventure.


Brands to Help you Shop ‘Consciously’

Let us begin with some skincare, and with respect for this important aspect of your beauty routine, I would have to point you in the direction of Ella Organics.

ella organics vegan cruelty free skincare

The name doesn’t lie, everything’s organic, everything’s ethically sourced and there are no artificial ingredients, fabulous!

What’s even more fabulous is that you don’t even have to leave the website to begin your conscious beauty journey, you can get your hands on Ella Organics right here at The Positive Company. So go on, why not try out the Jojoba and Pqui Repairing Body Oil or even the Soothing Hand & Foot Balm, it’ll be worth every penny! 

Anyone who keeps up with my articles will know this next one, and they’ll know that I’m a big fan. That’s right it’s Masami! If you’re looking for conscious haircare that truly works, then you’ve hit the mark with Masami (trust me, I’ve used the products).

masami hair vegan skincare

They are a brand committed to clean beauty, with a botanical range and a newly founded refill system. And they take it one step further with the Masami Institute, in which they make it their aim to help preserve ocean eco-systems. I would highly recommend their Mekabu Hydrating Hair Serum!


We cannot forget make-up, which takes up a huge chunk of the industry and our daily routines. And I’ve found another little gem which may be of interest: RMS Beauty. These make-up aficionados pride themselves on their clean ingredients and cruelty free products. A product which caught my eye was their Luminizer, which comes in six different shades and has excellent reviews, a highlighter you’ll definitely want to add to your collection.


To finish things off I will leave you with one more conscious beauty titbit. Happy Carrot are UK based Vegan Skincare brand who use local and ethically sourced botanical and upcycled ingredients.

tomato facial vegan oil

Have a gander at their Award Winning Vegan Tomato Facial Oil and Organic Cotton Pads, which are re-usable, re-washable and created with sustainable recycled organic cotton. Made with over 98% upcycled ingredients!  How about that for a conscious beauty purchase!


And this is only the beginning, there are so many more brands fighting back at the mainstream and helping you to shop more consciously! So, let’s rise up together and assist in changing an industry, where hopefully one day the only products on offer will be conscious!