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Elan Skincare: female-powered, Vegan and 100% natural skincare.

Elan Skincare: female-powered, Vegan and 100% natural skincare.

Who do you trust when it comes to the care of your skin? Who better than a woman can understand female skincare? And if this woman also had a professional background in development in the medical sector? What if I told you she is also very dedicated to the environmental cause, cares about animal rights, and has a passion for natural organic ingredients?  

Elan Skincare

Yes, it’s all true: her name is Joanna Silva, and she is the head of Elan Skincare, an innovative, independent, cruelty-free, vegan skincare brand for women. 

“Nature. Science. Together. That’s what makes Elan Skincare different,” she says. Thanks to Joanna’s experience in medical development, Elan combines natural ingredients with clinically tested ones, such as hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and coenzyme Q10, just to name a few.  

“It is all about balance,” says Joanna, who launched Elan Skincare in 2018, to fill a gap in the skincare industry. Very often, customers who follow clinical skincare regimes tend to be very sceptical about natural ones and vice-versa. Joanna found a way to satisfy both kinds of consumers, with a production that combines the effectiveness of pharmacological products with the sustainability and delicacy of natural, organic raw materials. 

At Elan transparency is a priority: “We start our conversation with the customers on explaining what we use and why rather than beginning with listing ingredients we do not use,” says Joanna.  

Elan Skincare

Talking their customers through why certain ingredients are good for their skin, is more important than branding their products with a long list of “free of”. But that doesn’t mean that such list couldn’t be drawn. Elan skincare products are, in fact, cruelty-free, vegan, free of preservatives, handmade and organic.  

What they are full of is dedication, passion and the desire to constantly improve. By gathering feedback from their customers, trying out new formulations and testing new products, Elan Skincare can boast a very high-quality range of products.  

“Amazing textures and scents, often coming from bespoke blends of botanical extracts,” is Elan Skincare’s piece of resistance, says Joanna. “And last but not least – results. Our customers often feedback that our range improved their skin condition and made them feel better.”  

On launch back in 2018, Elan Skincare only produced two serums. With the precious aid of their customers’ feedback, they now offer twelve different beauty products, and they are constantly testing new formulations.  

Elan Skincare

The latest addition to their production is an innovative hand balm. “Rose & Magnolia Nail, Cuticle and Hand Balm was developed with a lot of input from the nail salon owner, who was feed backing on different versions of the product and gathering her customers’ opinion,” says Joanna.  

Despite the current climate, which doesn’t make life easy for small businesses like Elan Skincare, Joanna is positive about the future: “We are extending our collaborations with a lot of female-run, purpose driven businesses. We are expanding internationally and slowly growing our team.” 

What does the future hold for Elan? Joanna has clear ideas: “I see Elan Skincare connecting and empowering more and more women and becoming a recognised and trusted beauty brand. Female powered!”