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From a soap bar in Burkina Faso to EYWA

From a soap bar in Burkina Faso to EYWA

By Valentina De Santis 

Eywa is the fictitious divinity that protects the equilibrium of Pandora. Also, EYWA gives the name to a beauty and cosmetic Benefit Corporation based in Italy that operates to bring a positive impact to disadvantaged areas of the world. The company was founded by Luca Malaspina in 2016 and has since then introduced two lines of cosmetics into the market. The skincare line Pura Cura launched in 2019 was followed the next year by Blue Sardinia’s solid beauty products.

EYWA’s facial creams, oils and body lotions are generated through the treatment of organic ingredients and sold in 100% biodegradable packaging, establishing a production cycle that starts and ends in harmony with the planet.



EYWA’s incredible story starts from the Western African country of Burkina Faso where the environment gives life to a rich flora that includes exotic fruits and plants, like the shea tree, alias “women’s gold,” which nuts compose dairy and cosmetics. Thanks to the variety of resources, but mainly thanks to the local community’s enthusiasm, EYWA’s founder developed a bar of soap that triggered the desire to research further those areas and create natural products. “Africa has been fundamental to build the community’s energy and resilience that nourish EYWA,” says Luca. Neither he nor anybody else could predict that a bar of soap and a modest economic investment would be enough to begin EYWA’s journey.


Burkina fasso organic essential oils and beauty products sourcing

“We usually start from analysing a territory that, despite evident issues, detains potential in terms of improvement and resources. Then, after careful research of the local raw materials, we create relationships with third-party suppliers.” Luca says that EYWA does not have any territorial border but rather a structure that requires touching base with a determined place and its inhabitants before investing any time and money. This model makes traceability of a product’s origin, all processes involved in its making and the people responsible for its treatment well known and clear to buyers. EYWA believes in a system of authenticity that, talking directly to consumers, ensures a way to connect with others. 

EYWA organic italian skincare brand ethically made with essential oils



These last years allowed the company to connect with people in different parts of the world and discover their local productions: “Morocco has argan oil, Kenya provides mistletoe oil, while, in Italy, Sardinia has been an anchor of our exploration.”


best essential oils from marrocco

The constant studying and testing process leads to the creation of lotions and oils that come in different forms and compositions. The Pura Cura facial beauty line is characterised by a natural formulation and soft texture. The anti-age serum (£64) contains a high concentration of prickly pear oil and seaweed that have toning and refreshing properties equivalent to hyaluronic acid.


The Pura Cura moisturizing lotion (£65) for a twice-a-day application contains flower stock and date oil that, besides giving the right amount of hydration to the skin, encourages its firmness and restoration. Also, the company produces biphasic cleansing lotions (£29) made of antimicrobial sodium that, apart from being good for any kind of skin type, can substitute your daily make-up removal.


sustainable organic beauty brand from italy

On the other hand, the solid beauty line included in Blue Sardinia is rich in raw organic ingredients and herbs and guarantees zero waste body and hair treatments. For the price of £15, Eywa provides a solid shampoo bar totally decomposable made of vegan ingredients like prickly pear extract, aloe gel, oat, coconut oil, myrtle and lemongrass essential oils and rice starch. In addition to that, the solid scrub (£13,90) that contains shea, baobab and more natural elements leaves your skin purified, exfoliated and soft as butter.  


In the next couple of years, EYWA will expand its productions, focusing on solid beauty hair products and sun cream protectors. “Being part of the process is hard fun,” Luca says. “It requires a lot of effort, perseverance and precision, but the result is disruptive.”

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