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Sunies: Wearable and Eco-friendly Sandals

Sunies: Wearable and Eco-friendly Sandals

by Valentina De Santis


As the footwear sector evolves into one of the most thriving and innovative in the fashion industry, many shoe brands meet higher standards of practicability, aestheticism, and durability. Sunies Shoes is an emerging fashion company led by women that creates footwear embracing the three components of today’s shoe manufacturing: innovation, distinctive design, and eco-friendliness.


Designed in Vienna, Austria, and produced almost entirely in Brazil, Sunies Shoe embodies the evolution of footwear. The company has recently celebrated the first anniversary since the day Alessandra Wieser, Sunies founder and CEO, decided that it was time to create a beautiful and conscious sandal that could empower women in their daily activities. Comfortable, breathable, pretty, and waterproof, Sunies produces shoes that are a go-to for every occasion. Sunies shoes are very versatile and would make your outfit look appropriate and glamourous on a boat trip, at the restaurant, or during a casual stroll around the city. Then, the plus of being completely organic adds value to your Sunies that become a real statement piece.


sustainable eco friendly shoes

Regarding that, Brenda Osorio, Sunies marketing communication manager, says that: “Every shoe is composed 77% of natural resources, like bamboo, coconut oil, sugar cane, and sea salt mixed with Vinyl-flex, a very flexible and comfortable material, that is also recyclable.” Details are then finalised by hand and using 3D programs. The accuracy and technology used in the production process ensure that Sunies shoes are waste-free and in harmony with the environment. Also, the company has established a recycling scheme that encourages customers to send sandals back once these have reached the end of their life cycle. From your old shoe, a brand-new pair of Sunies origins.


ethically made shoes from recycled bamboo

Despite being only one year and a half since Sunies is officially on the market, it presents a community of loyal customers based around the globe who are very attached to the brand and would not do without a pair of Sunies. The brand’s best-seller is the conscious sandal offered in three different designs: Sea & Ocean, Hawaii, and Butterfly (£69.90).


sunies kids shoes eco friendly footwear

But Sunies has expanded its production with Sunies Kids (£42.00), a collection of waterproof sneakers for your children’s summer adventures. In the last months, the team has worked on new products and designs, like the first Sunies bag that will soon launch on the website.


sunies shoes sustainable eco friendly footwear

By considering competitors and the state of the market, building a successful fashion business today seems particularly tough. But eventually, “Sunies’ materials mixed to its signature style has made the company grow incredibly fast,” says Brenda. Besides, consumers have started to recognise and reward Fairtrade brands, like Sunies which community is composed of people who are directly involved in building the brand. “We are very connected to our customers and are always welcoming their feedback.”