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Mirror Skin: The Korean Skincare Regimen

Mirror Skin: The Korean Skincare Regimen

By Hannah Guy

Mirror mirror on the wall, how can it be skincare... no makeup all? Summer is now upon us and a natural summer glow is this season’s beauty must have. Mirror skin is the latest beauty trend that has emerged from the Korean beauty scene, also known as ‘K-beauty’. Like most K-beauty trends, it focuses on skincare rather than makeup, enhancing natural beauty and celebrating makeup free skin.


What is Mirror Skin?

K-beauty is known for it’s wildly unusual skincare rituals which include an array of natural remedies; from egg white for cleansing pores, or donkey milk for soothing sensitive skin. Mirror skin refers to the surface of the skin having the same reflective properties as a mirror. It is skin that radiates a natural summer glow, creating a dewy almost reflective complexion. This particular regimen focuses on hydration and radiance to create a shimmering glow.

Hydrated and radiant skin is easy to achieve. All you need is a few
essential products and some useful K-beauty insight to impart in your daily skincare routine. Read on to find out how to achieve the mirror skin look this summer.

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The Mirror Skin Regimen

1. Prep Your Skin
Prepping your skin is essential before beginning any skincare regimen. Face masks are ideal for all skin types, from dry to acne prone skin. There are many unique remedies and recipes that can be made at home according to your own skin complexion. They offer a wide variety of properties and solutions for all skin types and skin problems. Using a face mask once or twice a week will make a noticeable difference to your skin.

2. Cleanse and Purify
Water and oil based cleansers can be used to remove any impurities and rid your skin of any dirt or makeup. Giving your skin a clean base, will help keep your skin clean and healthy. It will also diminish your chances of receiving any unwanted spots or pimples.

3. Smooth Complexion
It is important to exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells and unclog your pores. This creates a smooth complexion, for an even skin tone and the perfect base for a reflective glow. Exfoliating your face two to three times per week, will also help maintain and prevent any nasty spots appearing.

4. Hydration Is Key
Hydrating the skin is key to achieving mirror skin. Oil based serums hydrate the skin while adding a dewy glow. Apply a few drops across the face, then using your ring finger, gently rub into the skin in circular motions. This helps achieve the dewy hydrated look. Also drinking plenty of water daily will help your skin rejuvenate and stay hydrated.

5. Moisturise
Moisturising is an important step in maintaining healthy skin cells as well as protecting it from irritation. When your skin is dry and irritated, it can lead to breakouts and acne. Moisturising is vital for preventing dry skin while creating a smooth complexion and even skin tone. Furthermore, it adds more moisture and hydration to the skin.

6. Protect Your skin
Maintaining healthy and youthful skin is achieved by protecting it from sunlight to prevent sunburn or skin damage. Applying suncream daily will help prevent skin damage from the sun. Using moisturisers or foundations with SPF are another beneficial alternative when wearing makeup.

7. Let It Glow
Finally, go outside and enjoy your mirror skin glow. With this skincare regimen, golden hour can last all day long.

The Products:

Milky Jelly Cleanser by Glossier

A conditioning face cleanser formulated with skin conditioners like Allantoin and Pro-Vitamin B5 to leave your skin super smooth. The milky phase conditions skin to keep it fresh and moisturised. Massage 1-2 pumps onto wet skin and rinse. To remove makeup, massage 2-3 pumps onto dry skin, add water and rinse.

Skin Type: All skin types
Benefits: Moisturising, pH balanced, Soothing, Purifying, Nourishing, Vegan, Cruelty Free

Timeless Elixer Facial Serum

A premium age-defying serum formulated to nourish, hydrate and smooth skin. Apply a few drops and massage into skin for visibly healthy, radiant and younger looking skin.

Skin Type: All skin types
Benefits: Hydrating, Smoothing, Radiant, Organic, Vegan

peace and pure timeless elixir

Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Exfoliator by The Body Shop

A gentle exfoliator enriched with jojoba beads made from biodegradable wax, for removing dead skin cells and stubborn dirt for a deep clean and brighter looking skin. Enriched with sea-weed minerals including Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, potassium, iron and more. Ideal for combination and oily skin, the exfoliator removes excess oil and rough patches.

Skin Type: For combination & oily skin
Benefits: Refreshing, Clarifying, Mineral Infused, Vegetarian