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The Future of Beauty is Plastic Free

The Future of Beauty is Plastic Free

by Natasha Dunn

We all need to do our bit to help the planet, it’s becoming more prevalent day by day. Sustainability is key and reducing our plastic intake is equally as imperative. But how can we apply this to our beauty routine and make the future of this global industry plastic free? Read on to discover more about plastic free beauty and the brands who are striving to make the industry an eco-friendlier place.


What is Plastic Free Beauty?


Well, it’s in the name isn’t it! They’re beauty products that aren’t sold in plastic containers. But there is slightly more to it than that, including a day dedicated to just this movement, which was founded by Yolanda Cooper of the haircare brand WE ARE PARADOXX. There’s also the concept of refillable products. So, get comfy and get ready to discover some pretty revolutionary anti-plastic beauty brands!


Refillable Products


Let’s cast our eyes firstly to the Tata Harper Water-Lock Moisturizer Refill Pod’s! This little green pod clicks in perfectly to your pre-purchased Tata Harper jar, and the pods packaging is recyclable to boot. Waste reductive and full of wonderful skin care ingredients, this product is a winner.


fiils plastic free hair

There are refillable haircare solutions too and this comes in the shape of Fiils and The Hair Duo. You get two aluminium bottles for shampoo and conditioner, and of course refill pouches to top up- oh its also sulphate and cruelty free. With Fiils it’s all in the name, their product range in its entirety is re-‘fiil’-able.


You’ll be happy to know that refillable mascara is also a ‘thing’. Zao’s Volume + Sheathing Mascara is organic, refillable and with an added bonus of a dynamically designed brush to help curl and thicken your lashes. 


Zao Volume mascara zero waste brand

Plastic Free Products


But of course, not everything can be re-filled, so let’s move on to the brands utilising the plastic free approach! Beauty Kubes provides an overall plastic free product from ingredients to packaging. Check out their Plastic Free Solid Shampoo Cube, amongst their other hair and skin care items! EYWA is another organic brand from Italy we at The Positive Co love providing amazing solid shampoo cubes!



SBTRCT gives us another skincare essential with the minimalistic Moisturising Facial Balm. Suitable for the morning and night, its packaging is not just recyclable-oh no-it’s compostable as well. You can quite literally give back to the earth with this moisturiser!


An important component of your beauty routine is taking make-up off. And usually that entails plastic wrapped, incredibly wasteful (and not entirely effective) make-up wipes. Well no longer with Chateau Du Savon’s Ramie Bag! This natural handmade bag contains four large re-washable make-up wipes, free to use again and again.


To be honest all these brands and products only scrape the surface. There’s so much choice, which is a positive note to conclude on. The future is full of hope and if we as consumers opt for more sustainable products, then the industry will respond to demand, with hopefully an entirely plastic free environment for all to enjoy.