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Mother's Love of Water: Exploring the Health Benefits Of Spas And Swims

Mother's Love of Water: Exploring the Health Benefits Of Spas And Swims

By Dakota Murphey


Imagining yourself swimming somewhere beautiful or being pampered at a luxurious spa with best friends and family members is difficult to top. 

With Mother's Day coming up on the 10th of March, there’s no better time to dive into the relaxing, serene and health-enhancing benefits that swimming and spa visits offer to mums and their favourite people everywhere. This article explores the positives of connecting with nature in waterside locations, and affording yourself some revitalising 'me time' swimming or visiting a spa.

cold water swimming

Rise in popularity of outdoor swimming 

Across the UK, more women are trading indoor pools for open waters, discovering the joys and benefits of outdoor swimming naturally in rivers, lakes, waterfalls and along the coastline. Natural pools and eco-friendly options are gaining in popularity thanks to the growing enthusiasm for outdoor or ‘wild swimming’. 

For many women, being outside provides a greater sense of adventure and accomplishment. If it is warm enough for you to brave temperatures outside, you might be tempted to find a great swim location nearby or visit a lesser-known lido for a peaceful swim. National swim groups like the Outdoor Swimming Society have seen a surge in female members. The growth of this, plus others like the Blue Tits are a testament to the rise in the number of women who collectively enjoy swimming. Their members love discovering new spots, sharing photos and locations of beautiful places they have swum at and meeting like-minded people. 

However, while indoor pools and lidos certainly serve a purpose, they can't match the pleasure of diving into purified waters with no chemicals. Given the choice, you might prefer to swim in waters that are not only safe and natural swim spots, but are also free of plastics and industrial waste that might be found in some outdoor locations. For these swimmers, natural swimming pools offer the best of both worlds - the joy of an outdoor swim in water purified by natural plants and processes. 

sustainable swimwear

Eco-conscious mums might want to treat themselves to sustainable swimming costumes or recyclable goggles, as well as towels, or swim bags that have been ethically-designed. For women who swim regularly, there are sites that encourage swimmers to recycle broken goggles and hats.

Boost fitness and wellbeing

Many women (and men) report feeling happier following a swim and notice visible improvements in their overall fitness, mental health and wellbeing. If you have enjoyed the  luxury of a relaxing spa, you may concur with numerous studies that have shown how a dip outdoors, somewhere calm and scenic, can help women ease their anxiety and depression

depression and swimming

The multiple benefits of swimming to mental and physical health can be put down to the endorphin-boosting results of regular swims. For women in particular, recent studies suggest that cold water swimming can help to manage menopause symptoms, boost immunity and relieve stress. Routine swimming can also reduce troublesome hot flushes and help to balance mood swings. The positive cardiovascular activity combined with cooler water temperatures, is also reported to increase circulation and regulate disrupted sleep patterns. 

Beyond the pleasure of being at one with nature, being in water and near ‘blue spaces’ is well documented for improving overall wellbeing. Known as ‘hydrotherapy’ the healing power of water’s weightlessness reduces any strain on joints and soothes sore muscles. Meanwhile, other studies indicate how swimming may help to alleviate pain and fatigue from fibromyalgia, arthritis and lower back issues. 

Find an eco-friendly swim venue

For environmentally-conscious mothers, there are many ways to enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of spas and hydrotherapy while also being kind to the planet. There are a variety of natural and eco-friendly spas to choose from, if you want to treat your mum this Mother’s Day. Some use water sourced from their own mineral-rich natural springs, avoiding chlorine and other chemicals. Others rely on renewable energy, solar or geothermal sourced, to heat their pools, maintain their garden and light buildings. They avoid harsh chemicals in cleaning and treatments, instead using natural, biodegradable products. The spa might also utilise sustainable materials like locally-sourced wood and stones. 


Other spa venues might use solar panels to capture the sun’s natural heat to warm their swimming pools or hot tubs and only source ethical skincare for their massages, facials and treatment menus. Green spa treatments that avoid synthetic ingredients in favour of organic plant oils, extracts and essential oils are a great option. In addition, spas might have added environmentally-friendly touches with reusable towels.

When it comes to indoor swimming pools, there are eco-friendly steps that can be taken to reduce their environmental impact. Installing energy-efficient heating and filtration systems, as well as solar panels to generate renewable power, can significantly cut electricity usage. Choosing plant-based cleaning products over harsh chemicals is also better for the environment. For outdoor lidos, utilising natural filtration like wetlands is an eco-friendly alternative to chlorine for keeping water clean. Limited hours of heating the pools also conserve energy.

spa with friends

Relax with friends 

While bracing outdoor swims aren't for everyone, spas with amazing pools offer a more relaxing way to enjoy water's healing powers. Spas that are located in tranquil countryside settings are perfect for busy mothers, daughters and friends to unwind together. The warm waters within their spa surroundings boost circulation and relax, while massages target sore and tired muscles. Moreover, scented herbal steam rooms and saunas soon wash away everyday worries, providing time to catch up away from daily stresses. Yoga and meditation classes complement this relaxing environment, allowing women to calm both body and mind.

If you are planning to treat someone special this Mother’s Day, look for a lovely outdoor swim spot, a perfect lido you know they’ll appreciate or a spa day with an amazing outdoor pool. They can combine their love for water while relaxing and being pampered. For an alternative present, consider giving your mum a spa treatment or a unique swim club membership. Whichever water inspired gift you may choose, swimming is the ultimate exhilarating and healthy way to celebrate Mother’s Day.